And you can pick what subjects and content you talk about on your channel, so you can use the knowledge you already have. If you have a creative spark and computer skills, then graphic design is a perfect job. With the right skill set, many business owners would be ready and willing to hire you. But there are also a number of places to find legitimate work if you are patient. It can be one of the most flexible online jobs for stay at home moms, which is a huge bonus.

  • Each state has different requirements to become a substitute teacher ranging from only needing a high school diploma to requiring a bachelor’s degree.
  • Here you decide on a niche, for example, money hacks, DIY ideas, gardening, cooking, beauty, or spirituality, and regularly create videos on your topic.
  • Here’s a current list of the remote product manager positions available.
  • Teaching English to students virtually is another option you don’t need extensive training for.

If you see something that grabs your interest, then do some more revirtual jobs for moms to find out more about the opportunity. Selling digital products online is one of the most popular business ideas for digital nomads or people who want to work from home. Since you don’t need any money to get started and have no specific degree or experience, it is also a very popular way to make money… While many customer service positions are based on phone calls, this might not be the best option if you have noisy kids at home. In that case, you could also opt for jobs that involve email support or live chat support.

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To ensure high-quality writing skills, many employers require a bachelor’s for many full-time writing jobs. The preferred degrees are in English, communications, and journalism. However, experience and writing skills count for a lot in this profession and can be gained by taking online writing courses and practice. Subject matter expertise can also be instrumental in getting employment in this area. You typically need a bachelor’s degree to become a social media strategist in a relevant field such as public relations, communications, or internet marketing. Students that gain practical experience before hitting the job market with have an edge over other jobseekers in gaining coveted entry-level positions.

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Transcription is another great way to make money from home. Transcription involves listening to audio files and then typing out what you hear. You do not need a formal teaching degree in order to become a teacher on their platform. Blogging can be a life-changing long-term career plan, that has the potential to retire your spouse. To help you with your career goals as you transition to working remotely. You can work at home AND stay at home with your kids.

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Some of these positions are in-house, others are available with creative agencies, and there is also the opportunity for self-employment as well. A recruiting role can be a good fit for you if you like assisting others in finding new jobs. It’s even better if you like talking to people as you’ll be helping HR employees find the best people who fit vacant roles in the company. Virtual assistants help a person or a team with administrative tasks. Some of your responsibilities may include managing email and social media, updating calendars, organising meetings and travel, planning events, and conducting research.

Can family live off one salary?

There are many benefits of living on one income. For one, it can be very freeing when one spouse can focus their attention on the family rather than working long hours. It also allows for more family time and can be less stressful overall.

I really appreciate the time and dedication you put in. I contracted with a local college and that assignment ended two months ago. I enjoyed staying home with my boys so I am really interested in more work at home opportunities and low and behold, I found your blog. I was a freelance copy/content editor and proofreader for thirty years, then quit to write full time, although my website is still up.

Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs that Pay Well in 2019

Their duties are to collect rent, set rent, screen prospective tenants, maintain the property, manage budgets, and other similar tasks. Events such as graduations and military homecomings could earn you $200-$300 for just a couple of hours of work. Weddings have an even bigger earing potential, depending on your skill and expertise. Instacart shoppers have the option to be paid immediately after they shop and they can create their own schedule. Shopping for Instacart is not remote work for moms, nor can you bring your kids with you to work while you shop.

  • You will probably need to go to clients’ homes to organize them, but there is flexibility with the hours.
  • There are so many more remote jobs for moms now in 2023 than there were back in 2019 when I first became a remote worker.
  • If you do not mind talking to customers on the phone, then becoming a customer service representative is a great stay at home mom job.
  • People fall in love with you, and nobody knows you better than yourself.

Graphic designers use computer software to develop visual designs that inspire, educate, and engage audiences. From designing social media posts to the website interfaces, brochures, portfolios, and more, there’s plenty of assorted work that will keep you from getting bored. The world of life coaches is booming, and there are several reasons for that. The industry is unregulated, which means there is no benchmark for how much you can make or what your starting fee should be like.

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Holly Johnson has found the secret sauce when it comes to writing and charging the right rate for your work. She created a free introductory trainingon how to build a six-figure writing career. Writing is another great work from home job for moms because you get to work completely around your own schedule. I’m definitely not a great writer and I have my lovely mom review my articles before I post just to have a second pair of eyes. I NEEDED to find a legitimate stay at home job that paid well, and I was not looking for any direct sales positions or multi-level marketing gigs. And since every brand needs online promotion, there are always plenty of companies hiring for remote marketing positions.

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